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Where the Top Sights are on the Greek Islands MENU ABOVE

Major Greek Islands Ancient Sights overview, Aegina - Temple of Aphaia, Santorini - Ancient Thira, Santorini -  Acrotiri, Crete - Heraklion Museum, Crete - Knosso, Crete - Phaestos, Crete - Phourni, Crete - Malia, Crete - Gortys, Crete - Agh. Triada, Crete - Tyllisos, Delos, Kos - the Asklipion, Rhodes - Lindos.

Within this section is extensive Greece Island travel info on the 60 or so major inhabited Greek islands within all seven Greek island Groups
A Note about Ferry Schedules Safety Rules and why they are the way they are.

Click to see Larger. Ferries: schedules  and frequenciesDepending on ones definition of a Greek Island, there are over 3,000 islands of which only about 168 are inhabited.
If you count every rock you'd want to avoid with your boat then there are millions of Greek islands!

Each of you will have their own expectations of a Greek Island Vacation or Holiday. Fortunately its hard to have a bad time on any of the Greek islands and all of them have something to offer. But just before we get into that..

Direct route from Athens Airport to the Port of Piraeus
(Train and metro transfer take approximately 90 minutes)

Take the airport train to Monastiraki Sq. and change lines there, click to see the metro map, (from Blue to Green line) and go to the end: the Piraeus terminus.

From the airport Its about 45 minutes to Monastiraki by train. Once in Monastiraki you have to change lines from the new train to the metro, which entails a bit of a hike (and sometimes a wait) to reach Piraeus in about 30 minutes.

You'll debouch at the Piraeus docks with Cyclades quays right outside straight ahead, Saronic departs 300 mt left and Crete and Dodecanese far right and around the harbor. Its a well thought out port and if you allow yourself some time to spare you will have no problem finding your boat or buying your ticket. If you are late and its last minute and its holiday then its another story. Greek Authorities have become much stricter in not overloading ferry boats as you will learn below. Another variable is the weather and If the wind is up past  8 on the Beaufort scale boats may be cancelled or delayed or both. This will happen at least once every summer and in that case it wont matter if you have a ticket or not.
Read more about Athens Greece airport to Piraeus port and return.

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