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Quick Facts: Delos
Transportation Boat from Mykonos
Main Attractions Archeological ruins, museum
Food overpriced–bring your own
Accommodations none

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Greek Island  Delos DilosphallusGreek Island  Delos DilosDelos is one of Greece’s most important archaeological sites, and one of the most important Panhellenic sanctuaries (actually a multiple sanctuary).

No one lives on Delos except French archeologists. There are no hotels and the island is restricted unless with a tour group. Only 3 1/2 nautical miles from Mykonos, in ancient times, Delos was the "spiritual center" of The Cyclades, or circle chain. As many as 5,000 slaves were sold here on a good day. (Tourists are exploited here even today.) As the mythical birth place of Apollo, it was considered a sacred island. The Athenians would come along and kill everyone every once is a while to purify the place. The ancient Greeks considered it a holy island.

Island Features

Alternate spellings include Dhilos and Dilos. The site and museum are open 8:30am-3pm, Tues-Sun; €4.40.

Today Delos is essentially a large archeological site with no inhabitants except members of The French School of Archeology, who have been excavating the island for over 100 years. Overnight stays on the island are forbidden. The ruins take up almost a square mile. You can get the highlights in about three and a half hours. If you like partially restored ancient ruins or are a Greek mythology buff, you'll love Delos.

Mykonos provides the easiest access to Delos and excursion boats leave from the small quay mornings, Tuesday through Saturday, starting at 8:30 a.m. Boats depart every half hour and return between 11 am and 3:30 p.m. You can stay three or fours hours and get a guided tours for about €20. Tickets costs €8. round trip. A free map accompanies each ticket and one can listen in on guided tours.

Caique or water-taxis are originally a small wide-bodied fishing craft but come in many variations seating from 10 to 40 people. If you choose and are willing to wait wait, yours will have a sun awning or even an interior area. One thing they have in common is their smallness. So, if the sea is choppy and your sea legs firm they can be exhilarating. Have a plastic bag to put your camera in. Take water, snacks, a hat, and sensible shoes or boots.

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