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The Russian Church, St. Nikodemos or Aghia Triada, 21 Philellinon St.

click to see largerWalking a bit further down Amalias Ave., on your right hand side, in a small square, one comes to the 'Russian Church' or St. Nicodemus or Aghia Triada across the square on the right.

This church is the largest remaining medieval building in Athens and was founded by Stefan Likodemou in 1030 AD. It has been damaged both by earthquake andshellfire several times and rebuilt.


interiorclickUnder the church square, remains of Roman baths (circa 2nd Cent. AD) were found. Its detached belfry was a late 19 century addition and the gift of Tsar Alexander II. It was purchased by the Russian government 800 years after its 1st incarnation and then expanded. Inside are on display Russian embroideries and well known female religious chanters practice here often.