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Finding Athens Central Markets on Athinas Street Page 1

The Central Markets are just a short walk down Athinas street from Monastiraki Sq., on the way to Omonia Sq. or vice versa. In the middle between the two squares. Its 5 minutes from Hadrians Library and Monastiraki Sq.

From Syntagma Sq. (Constitution Sq.) merely walk straight down pedestrian Ermou St. or vehicle Mitropoleos St. and turn right on Athinas.

Approaching you'll notice there are other wares displayed along your route.

In my view the whole area is a shopping district - an enlargement of the very nearby ancient Agora system 3,000 years later!

I ate that chickenDont miss the Market its open 6 days a week!

Besides being a colorful spot to visit, the market is also the least expensive place to shop retail for fresh food with which to cook or provision. Also you cant help but walk by it sooner or later its so darn central! Its a decent place to buy an edible or otherwise gift for yourself or someone back home.

Finally its great place to rub shoulders with real working Greeks by joining them in eating in a sit down environment like one of the jam packed restaurants of which there are several within the market. You know the food is the freshest you are going to find anywhere unless you catch it yourself! Fish, meat or poultry you name it, its all here! This is the Athens Central Market, a great place to save money on food for your upcoming sojourns or everyday meals. If you live here in Athens shopping is less expensive.

The market closed on Holiday - click to see largerLayout  of the Markets

If you are wondering where to get the best prices on supplies to cook with Athens Central Market is the place! There is a lot of variety and healthy competition!

Left: The Meat Market when its closed!

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