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Byzantine Monastery Penteli

Mount Penteli Monastery/ Penteli Excursions

frescoMount Penteli is a smaller mountain than Parnitha but still green and with many springs.

Magnificent views are to be had from its peak of both Athens and of the Euboean Gulf. Pendeli is also home of the famous Pentelic marble used in so many famous statues and building throughout the world. Its unique white hue and unsurpassed translucency made it one of ancient and modern Greece's most sought after exports. The Panathenaikon Stadium or Kalimarmaro used for the Athens Olympic Games of 1896 is faced with Pendelic marble. If you want the best, you get pendelic.

The Monastery Pentelis is one of the richest and largest currently functioning monasteries in Greece and was founded in 1578 by archbishop Timotheos. It is dedicated to the Assumption of the Virgin Mary. Open to the Public, proper attire required!