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Kotzia Square / City Hall Plaza / National Resistance Square, Athinas Street Page 1

kotzia square athinas street athens greeceKotzia Square is one of the places in Athens with two or more names. Kotzia Square is what everyone calls this square except the mayor wants to call it National Resistance Square.

The last thing he wants to call it is what it really is: City Hall Plaza as that would be too easy and no doubt cause a lot of people to come calling looking to get something done.

City Hall is pictured just below far right and is not entranced through the front door but through the rear door. The front door is just for show. Kotzai Square is across from Athens City Hall and one of the places you will invariably find yourself while in Athens.

Its just a block from the central food, fish and vegetable market with Monastiraki Square at one end and Omonia Square at the other end.

kotzia square athinas street athens greecekotzia square athinas street athens greece

The fountain is something I actually like and hope remains.

The rest of the modernistic statues seem to revolve periodically from bad to worse and will probably be changed at some point and that's a good thing. The busts of famous Athenians such as Plato, Solon (bottom left) and the statue of Periclies (bottom right) will likely outlive incumbents.

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