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Merely a 7- 10 minute walk from Syntagma Sq. and residing on the knees or lower slopes of the Mountain of Wolves (Mt.Lykabettus right) lies the Kolonaki Square section of central Athens which also encompasses many surrounding streets including the Dexameni (Reservoir) with its park like square and playground.

The funicular (cable car) to the top of Mt. Lykabettus is operated also in the Kolonaki Sq. quarter and in the map left, would be situated approximately extreme top right. The St. George Lykabettus Hotel is situated just above Kolonaki Sq. and an ideal location for a slightly different perspective of Athens and maybe a little quiet and pine scented air.

Kolonaki is where some the affluent live work and play and shop! In years past it was the place to shop if you had money and wanted imported quality goods and had the where-with-all to pay for them.

click larger - mt. lykabettus church st GeorgeIts also where Greece's best shoe stores are and the best place to shop for fancy high fashion shoes. Recently however Kolonaki has competition from the fairly new Attika Mall which is the largest in Greece and one of the most expensive as well.

Its just down Voukouristiou Street from Kolonaki Sq and a good place to shop if you want to spend serious scratch. Voukouristiou Street is also an expensive shopping street.

In fact the whole are is worth spending a hour or three wandering if you like clothes and shoes. There are also great coffee shops and restaurants there too!

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