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Battlefield of Leuktra

battle of leuktraLeuktra is about 18 km from Thebes and to reach the site of the battle one departs Thebes on the road SE to Athens and turns right after 1 km or so at the sign that says Melissokhorion (Baltsia).

After about 18 km you'll reach a sign that says Parapoungia officially known as 'Levktra'. There are three small villages on a hill. The battle field is on the right and visible up a valley as you approach the towns.

A sign posted as The Tropaion is a monument errected by the Thebians and now restored. This monument consists of  a circular plynth of triglyphswith a dome shaped roof of nine stome shields which may have supported a warrior in bronze.

The Battle of Leuktra was fought in 371 BC and in it the Boeotians (Thebians) under Epaminondas defeated a larger force of Spartans under thier general Cleombrotus. This Spartan defeat put an end to thier legend of invincibility and for a period of nine years allowed the Thebans to control all of Greece.